Convict Sentenced to Life for Boston Rape

A one-time drifter was sentenced to three life terms in prison for raping a 13-year-old relative in her Dorchester home two years ago. Prosecutors this week went through a series of hearings to try and ensure the toughest possible sentence for Milton Rodgers, 44, who had been convicted of raping another child in 1988 and for manslaughter in Alabama.

Rodgers could be up for parole in 15 years, but even if parole is granted he would then have to serve a separate 10-year sentence for assault and battery on a child. The District Attorneys’ office has said it would also oppose any parole request.

In last year’s trial, prosecutors showed that Rodgers had raped the young girl three times over several hours in her home. The only other person in the residence at the time was the victim’s hearing-impaired grandmother.