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His alleged victim is a local man who says he was 14 years old at the time of the incident in 2010.

Matthew Feeney pleaded not guilty to the new charge of child rape and two counts indecent assault and battery on a person over 14.

A former high-ranking member of a Roman Catholic religious order has been sentenced to up to 10 years in prison for raping a boy at a Massachusetts summer camp in the 1980s.

The Rev. Richard McCormick, of New York, was also sentenced last week in Lawrence Superior Court to 10 years of probation.

The 73-year-old former member Salesian Society of North America was convicted Nov. 12 of five counts of child rape that prosecutors said occurred between 1981 and 1982 at a youth camp in Ipswich run by the order.

The Union Leader reports that a former Lawrence, Mass., police officer recently found not guilty of sexual assault charges in Florida is now expected to face trial in a second case from the 1990s involving a Salem NH girl.

Carlos Gonzalez III, 48, was released on $100,000 personal recognizance bail in Rockingham County Superior Court as he awaits trial on 14 counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault.

A jury acquitted Gonzalez in Florida on Nov. 19, prompting authorities to return him to New Hampshire on a fugitive from justice warrant.

A 49-year-old Massachusetts man has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a then 13-year-old boy in 1990 in North Conway, NH. During the trial, the defense team admitted the man had a sexual relationship with the boy but insisted that it wasn’t a crime because of the way the law was written at the time.

On July 23, the trial of Scott Sensabaugh, of Taunton, Mass., opened in Carroll County (NH) Superior Court with Judge Steven Houran presiding. Sensabaugh was convicted and will be sentenced on charges of aggravated felonious sexual assault and two class-A misdemeanors.

“This is a case of a 13-year-old boy in need of a father figure and a man who moved into that boy’s life to take full advantage of the situation,” said deputy county attorney Susan Boone in her opening statement.

The Worcester Telegram reports that opening arguments were held this week in U.S. District Court in a civil jury case in which a doctor allegedly sexually abused an 11-year-old boy nearly 40 years ago when the doctor was a student at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

The defendant is Dr. Richard B. Edison, now a plastic surgeon living in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and practicing in Hollywood, Fla. Plaintiff Timothy Clark says he was sexually abused from 1974 to 1977 by Mr. Edison, who lived in Shrewsbury Garden apartments when Mr. Clark did and then moved to Brandywine apartments when Mr. Clark’s family moved there.

Mr. Clark also said that he was abused by Mr. Edison, who he said provided him with marijuana and alcohol, after Mr. Clark moved to Lincoln Village in Worcester, but skipped school with a friend and both of them were picked up by Mr. Edison and taken to his apartment.

A Queens, NY judge has rejected Bob Oliva’s motion to dismiss the $20 million lawsuit filed by a man who was sexually abused by the former Christ the King Regional High School basketball coach.

The decision by Queens Supreme Court Judge Roger N. Rosengarten means the case will go to trial later this year unless Oliva’s attorney, Henry Weil, files an appeal or Oliva reaches a settlement with the plaintiff, Jimmy Carlino.

“The trial will continue to expose Bob Oliva for the sexual predator that he is,” Carlino’s Boston-based attorney, Mitchell Garabedian, told the New York Daily News.

The Boston Globe reported today that a plea deal to resolve sexual abuse charges stemming from the alleged molestations of three former students of Brookline’s Maimonides School collapsed at the last minute when Rabbi Stanley Z. Levitt decided that he would not plead guilty to the charges and would instead take his case to a jury.

With Levitt’s alleged victims prepared to read victim impact statements concerning allegations dating to the mid-1970s, Levitt’s attorney declared that although an agreement for a guilty plea had been reached, Levitt had changed his mind, the Globe reported.

The turnabout prompted harsh criticism of Levitt and his attorney, Scott Curtis, from Suffolk Superior Court Judge Carol S. Ball, who pointed out that two of the alleged victims had traveled a considerable distance to Boston in anticipation of witnessing an admission of guilt by Levitt. “I would have hoped you or your client would have had the courtesy to let these people know before traveling to Boston,” Ball said, speaking to Curtis. “It’s like adding insult to injury.”

At another point during the hearing, Ball added that it was “the height of discourtesy” for Curtis not to inform prosecutors of Levitt’s change of heart in time to allow the alleged victims and family members to change their travel plans.

Levitt, asked outside the courtroom if he had been discourteous to his alleged victims with his last-minute change of heart, said, “The only victim here is me.”

Michael Brecher, one of the three former sixth-graders who has accused Levitt of abuse, said prosecutors told him that Levitt backed out of the plea agreement at the last minute after refusing to admit his guilt in open court.

“He couldn’t do what I have wanted him to do all along, which is to take responsibility for his actions,” Brecher said.

With a trial date set for May 14, Curtis said Levitt’s defense will be based on the fact that the allegations lodged against him are more than 35 years old.
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Accused child molester Ernest Lorch, the founder of the prestigious Riverside Church (NY) basketball program, is not competent to be extradited to Massachusetts to stand trial for sexual abuse, a Westchester judge ruled in White Plains, as reported by the Daily News.

State Supreme Court Judge Albert Lorenzo made the ruling after prosecutor Carrie Russell of Massachusetts’ Northwestern District Attorney’s office said at an extradition hearing that she would not contest three experts’ claims that Lorch suffers from dementia.

But Lorch is not off the hook in Massachusetts just yet. Lorenzo said he could review the case in three months. Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan said his office will review the case to determine if it should continue its efforts to bring Lorch to Massachusetts to stand trial.

The state Appeals Court has overturned the conviction of a Lowell woman found guilty along with her husband in 1997 of drugging and raping their four sons because she may have been incompetent to stand trial.

The court in its decision last week said a Superior Court judge erred in 2002 when he denied Nancy Adkinson’s motion for a new trial. The judge said even though Adkinson suffered from abuse at the hands of her husband, a competency hearing was not required.

The Appeals Court said in its decision that the Superior Court judge’s definition of competency was “too narrow” and there was “substantial evidence” that Adkinson was incompetent.

A Boston doctor avoided going to trial by admitting to a judge yesterday that he traveled to Alaska in 2009 with the intention of having sex with a 6-year-old boy. The Associated Press reports that John Mark Felton, a 47-year-old research physician, was to be tried Monday in US District Court in Anchorage. He decided instead to plead guilty as part of a plea agreement.

Felton had pled guilty to traveling to Anchorage on Nov. 16, 2009, to engage in illicit sexual conduct. At sentencing on Sept. 13, he is expected to receive between 20 and 30 years in prison.

Prosecutors said Felton was in a child-sex chat room on Feb. 28, 2008, when he began conversing with a man who he believed was offering his young grandson for sex. He told the man, who was actually an undercover agent with the US Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, that he would travel to Alaska to have sex with the boy.